TransTech Energy and Flo-Spec Colombia to provide Synthetic Natural Gas Solutions

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Mon, Apr 02, 2012 @ 07:39 PM

TransTech Energy, a leading LPG and SNG contractor in the US and Latin America, has partnered with Flo-Spec Ltda. of Bogota Colombia to market Synthetic Natural Gas solutions for natural gas utilities and their customers throughout Colombia.

TransTech has a long history in designing and integrating SNG solutions for clients who need a standby or alternative fuel to natural gas. Working closely it's US based SNG equipment partners and Flo Spec, TransTech plans to expand its capabilities in Latin America. Flo-Spec provides Natural Gas and Oil process equipment and engineering throughout Colombia and other parts of Latin America.

TransTech and Flo-Spec plan on customizing "industry specific" turnkey SNG packages that will include all required SNG Equipment and required LPG Storage Equipment & Tanks designed to meet each customer's unique needs. "The goal is to able to offer a complete solution to our client's in Colombia" commented Fabio Arenas, head of Flo-Spec. "When natural gas interruptions occur it is critical that our natural gas companies and their customers have a reliable back up fuel to keep their businesses operational. SNG is a perfect fit as they can continue to use their natural gas appliances and equipment and do not have to maintain a completely different and independent fuel system." 

Synthetic Natural Gas is created by vaporizing LPG and mixing it with air. The mixing or “blending process” creates Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) which has the same characteristics as natural gas and is injected into the company or municipal natural gas line.  Therefore there are no changes required to a company’s burners, boilers or other natural gas equipment. Additionally LPG and SNG are environmentally friendly and one of the cleanest burning fuels, a sharp contrast to common back up fuels such as fuel oil and diesel.

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