Safety Leads the Way

Dedicated to promoting a safe, healthy workplace and to protecting communities and the environment in which we work

Goal Zero Safety - A Culture of Caring

Blue Quote Quotation Mark - LEFTTRANSTECH’S first rule is that, regardless of any operational urgency or importance, work should NOT be conducted at the expense of safety, the environment, or the health of workers or the public.  

Our goal is to have zero work related injuries and illness, period." 

- TransTech HSE Manager

A Legacy of Safety: Our Goal Zero Approach

For over six decades, TransTech Energy has cultivated a culture in which the safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we work is of paramount importance. 

We perform our work to the highest standards with a goal zero approach: zero incidents, zero accidents, and zero environmental releases. Our focus is to understand and eliminate day-to-day perils by addressing the behaviors, actions and conditions that can lead to potential harm.

In this approach, we continually strive to identify safety risks across all functional areas including engineering, fabrication, transport and delivery, field operations and office functions—and set standards and procedural requirements that protect workers, partners and customers by eliminating the opportunity for potential hazards.

Employee Empowerment

Every employee at every level is expected to take action if they see any activity of concern or that is not in line with our safety and environmental standards. All our employees—in addition to our partners and subcontractors—have the authority to stop work in any circumstance where safety or operational integrity is in question. If work is in question, we will not proceed until the risk has been mitigated.

We reinforce this philosophy by setting consistent, high standards of safety and environmental stewardship across TransTech and we expect all our employees, partners and contractors to meet them– whether working at one of our fabrication facilities, in the field, or in one of our office locations.

Dedicated Leadership – Prevention is Our Mantra

Our leadership has a relentless commitment to safety and is charged with creating an environment in which our employees feel motivated and rewarded for adhering to procedures and standards that promote safety, while establishing consequences for activities that put safety at risk.

Every member of our leadership team is intensely committed to safety— continuously communicating and promoting our safety standards and consistently setting the example of requisite behaviors and best practices.




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