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LPG/Propane, Butane Vaporizers


TransTech Energy offers the largest selection of ‘best in class’ liquefied petroleum gas (LPG/Propane)/Butane vaporizers and propane/air blending systems to support effective commercial, industrial and utility gas consumption needs.  

We offer a broad range of design options and configurations, utilizing both steam and hot water heat sources, electric, waterbath and direct fired, in capacities of 40 GPH (gallons per hour) upwards of 20,000 GPH, to suit virtually any size operation.  We also provide turnkey skid-mounted options for an integrated solution requiring advanced controls, gas detection and any additional systems required for a custom integration.  

We understand the importance of maintaining uninterrupted operations.  Providing the highest quality vaporizers that deliver a continuous, reliable fuel supply—is our highest priority.   

Manufactured in strict adherence to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the latest edition of NFPA 58 and/or 59, we stand behind every vaporizer we deliver— and you can have confidence in the safety and dependability of your propane/butane gasification system.  

Backed by decades of experience, our LPG and SNG professionals can help you select the right vaporizer for your system needs.  


LPG/Propane and propane/butane mix are gaseous at ambient pressures, but are stored under pressure in liquid form.  In smaller operations, there can at times be enough natural vaporization within an LP storage tank to support the application—without the need for a vaporizer.   

However, for larger commercial operations and industrial loads, this method is simply not enough to support the steady volume of vaporized gas required.  

Vaporizers are used to raise the temperature of liquefied propane/butane, which alters its phase from liquid to gas.  Vaporizers are designed to receive large volumes of LP liquid and transform it to vaporized gas, at a steady rate and pressure—from hundreds of gallons per hour to thousands of gallons per hour.   

The amount of heat that is transferred into the LP gas controls the rate of vaporization and the right vaporizer delivers a constant supply of vaporized gas as needed.   


Vaporizers generally fall into one of two categories:  

Direct Fired LPG- Propane/Butane Vaporizers  

Direct-fired vaporizers use a burner that directly heats the propane/butane that flows through a heat exchanger and relies on a small portion of vaporized propane—taken from the same propane supply tank—to fuel the burner used for the vaporization process.    

Direct-fired vaporizers generally require no electricity to run making them useful for operations without a dependable electricity supply.  However, with an open flame at the vaporizer, these systems are subject to additional safety restrictions.   

There are also water-bath vaporizers that by code fall into this category.  With these vaporization systems, the burner warms a heat transfer fluid, which is pumped through the propane/butane heat exchanger.  While these units are available with additional safety controls, they still require an open flame which, by code, classifies them as a “direct fired” unit.  

Indirect Fired LPG-Propane/Butane Vaporizers  

Indirect fired vaporizers rely on an intermediate source of heat such as hot water or steam—not fueled by gas from the same propane tank— to vaporize the propane/butane gas supply.  

View our hot water vaporizers here.
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Propane-Air, SNG Systems  

We also offer a full range of complete, all-in-one propane-air/SNG solutions-- with everything you need to receive and store LPG on-site, as well as vaporize and mix propane-air at the correct volume and pressure for your operations, including standard and custom standby fuel systems, peak shaving systems.  LPG power generation, and base load systems


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