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Harp/Finger Type • Hybrid/Parking Loop • Single & Multi-Vessel

Backed by five decades of experience, our relentless dedication to continuous improvement and innovation has made us the industry’s trusted partner for slug mitigation and production optimization.


Harp/Finger Type Slug Catchers 

Engineered to economically capture and store large liquid slugs from high volume applications, our top-quality harp type slug catcher [link] designs deliver highly effective, predictable liquid separation for your gas pipeline operations.

Utilizing large diameter pipe to provide the required buffer volume, harp type slug catchers offer tremendous flexibility in accommodating operations of any scale. Length, size and quantity of harp/pipes can all be varied to address gas flow and pressure, gas chemistry and other variables.

Harp type slug catchers are considerably more expansive than vessel type solutions and require the largest installation plot space. However, when space allows, harp type designs can offer a more economical solution.

TransTech's standard harp designs can be configured in a variety of ways using modular sections to provide liquid storage up to 14,000 BBL. Custom engineering options are available for larger capacities.  Learn about our harp / finger type slug catchers here.

Horizontal/Vessel Type Slug Catchers - Single & Multi-Vessel

TransTech also offers horizontal vessel type slug catchers. Vessel type slug catchers are essentially large capacity storage vessels that provide for separation of the gas and liquid phase. While vessel type slug catchers are the most simple in terms of both their design and maintenance, they offer effective separation for lower volume liquid storage needs and work well in cases where a more compact footprint is required.

Designed and engineered with the same rigorous methods as our harp type slug catchers, our vessel type units can be fitted with separation internals including vane inlets, wave breaker baffles, and mist eliminators.

Vessel type slug catchers are available in single or multi-vessel configurations and can be pre-engineered for future expansion. Learn about our horizontal / vessel type slug catchers here.

Hybrid/Parking Loop Slug Catchers

Our hybrid/parking loop slug catchers deliver separation and storage functionality as separate, distinct elements, and include features of both vessel-type and finger-type slug catcher designs.

A conventional vessel is used for basic gas/liquid separation, while parking loop ‘fingers’ provide for the liquid buffer volume.

Like our horizontal units, hybrid slug catchers can be fitted with separation internals including vane inlets, wave breaker baffles, and mist eliminators. Units can also be pre-engineered for potential future expansion.



  • Cost Effective, Rapid Execution

TransTech’s time-tested processes yield an enviable combination of rapid project delivery at lowest possible cost.

With our own 160,000 square foot fabrication facility [link to TTF] we’re able to fully fabricate all custom vessels used in both horizontal/vessel type and hybrid/parking loop slug catcher designs in-house—from conceptual design through fabrication and test—without relying on third-party fabricators, ensuring highest quality, fastest turnaround, and reliable project schedules.

Our standard harp type slug catchers are based on proprietary, sophisticated designs, but utilize readily available, off-the-shelf materials to minimize costs and lead times, supporting fast turnaround for project completion and startup.

  • Site Layout - Design Flexibility

TransTech’s expert design and fabrication teams can customize your slug catcher in a prodigious range of sizes and configurations to suit your most challenging space constraints.

Where applicable, the addition of our high-efficiency polishing vessels [link to polishing vessel] can be added to augment liquids carryover elimination and speed production cycles. Available in both horizontal and highly compact, vertical orientation our polishing vessel achieves maximum returns within an exceptionally small footprint.

  • Performance

As a market leader, our seasoned process design team delivers innovative slug catcher designs that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

  • Constructability

All TransTech’s designs are created with constructability as a priority to support rapid project execution and reduce installed cost.  By utilizing in-shop prefabrication to create shippable modular sections, excessive field welding and other areas of costly field construction are eliminated.

  • Scalability

All TransTech's standard harp designs take into account the potential need for expansion of processing capacity. Our modular designs support gradual build-out of your plant – allowing your slug catcher capacity to grow in step with processing volumes.

  • Trim Packages

TransTech engineers specify required instrumentation and valving packages for all standard and custom slug catcher designs.

  • Other Services

In addition to our deep expertise in slug catchers, TransTech can also provide general Engineering, Design, Construction (EPC) services for slug catchers and other areas of oil and gas production, processing, and treating.


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