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    Maintenance & Inspection Services
    for Jurisdictional LP/Propane
    Gas Distribution Systems - OPS


Inspection & Maintenance Services for Jurisdictional Propane Systems  (OPS)


Regular inspection and maintenance of your jurisdictional LP/propane gas distribution system is of paramount importance to ensure safe, continuous operation—and maintain compliance with current codes and regulations.

In addition to risking the possibility of costly gas leaks, service interruption, and potential catastrophic accidents, LP gas operators who fail to comply with regulations may be subject to civil penalties, compliance orders or both. Indeed, any significant issues discovered by federal or state inspectors during review of your system may lead to a “Hazardous Facility Order”, which can result in complete shutdown of your system and costly fines.

TransTech Energy’s LP distribution system maintenance and inspection programs help you avoid shutdown and maintain safe, reliable operations by preventing issues before they happen.

Our Qualifications

Backed by more than five decades of experience serving jurisdictional LP systems operators, TransTech Energy is an LP/propane systems specialist providing all aspects of design, engineering, and installation of complete single and multi-tank distribution systems.

From permitting through to installation of underground storage, vaporizers, underground piping, metering, testing and operator training, we provide everything needed for successful and cost effective distribution solutions.

TransTech maintains all Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) certifications and requirements and is qualified to provide OQP training and certification to meet all 49 CFR 192 requirements, making us an ideal fit for all your system installation, inspection, maintenance and training needs.

Our staff of engineers, field technicians and support personnel are among the most tenured and professional individuals you’ll find in our industry.

Our Services

When you engage the TransTech’s expert field services team, we’ll customize our program for the specific characteristics of your distribution system with a plan that can include some or all of the following:

  • Routine inspections including pressure testing Annual inspection and maintenance of valves, gauges, vaporizers, piping, storage tanks and all other components of your LP distribution system Site specific threat assessment and mitigation recommendations
  • Execution of regular leak testing
  • Monthly Meter Readings
  • Meter change outs
  • Monthly OP Requirements including Sniff Test, Corrosion testing at the risers, as well as capping
  • Maintaining Pressure Recorders and the Rectifier Systems.
  • Quarterly OP – Testing of valves, Valve Maintenance, Regulator Testing,
  • Probing of Laterals
  • Semi-Annual Compliance – Patrolling of the mains and documentation of findings.
  • Annual Compliance requirements – Probing of the main lines, and crossing maintenance.
  • Data base management for compliance requirements.
  • Repairs to existing systems
  • Corrosion mitigation
  • Cathodic protection testing
  • Preventative maintenance including parts and equipment replacement as needed
  • Maintain compliance of your distribution system with current codes by addressing any necessary compliance related updates to keep your facility in line with continually changing directives
  • All required inspection and maintenance related record keeping and reporting
  • Compliance with all federal and state codes and regulations
  • Emergency response plan
  • Operator training
  • Underground tank compliance program
  • DOT Cylinder Recertification

Our comprehensive preventive maintenance and system management service packages—with scheduling tailored to minimize disruption to your business— provide you with consistent, safe, and trouble-free operation of your single and multi-tank LP distribution systems.

We also provide a complete range of emergency LP system repair services that will return your system to full functionality in minimal time.


In addition to our maintenance and inspection programs, TransTech Energy can design and build your complete jurisdictional pipeline system, including all aspects of design, engineering and installation of all required components to meet your projects demands. From permitting through to installation of underground storage, vaporizers, underground piping, metering, testing and operator training, we provide everything needed for a successful and cost effective solution.  Learn more here. 


Contact us today at:  1-888-206-4563  to learn more about our maintenance & inspection programs and how we can help with your jurisdictional LP gas distribution systems - or click to contact us below:Contact Us

What defines a Jurisdictional LP-Gas system?

An LP system falls under *both the jurisdiction of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Pipeline Safety Regulations, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 192 and NFPA 58—and is defined as ‘jurisdictional’—when one of the following conditions exists:

  • Any location where 10 or more customers are supplied from a single tank or from multiple tanks that have been manifolded together—regardless of location
  • Any time a portion of an LP system is located in a public place—and two or more customers are supplied from a single tank or from multiple tanks manifolded together

*DOT Pipeline Regulations were revised in 1996 to state that in cases where both NFPA 58 and DOT Pipeline Regulations apply, NFPA 58 supersedes Pipeline regulations



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