synthetic natural gas peak shaving facility

Synthetic Natural Gas Peak Shaving Systems

Peak shaving systems let natural gas utilities minimize the impact of unpredictable consumption as well as other unexpected supply constraints by augmenting natural gas fuel with synthetic natural gas (SNG), during times of high demand.

SNG, also known as propane-air or liquefied petroleum gas air (LPG-air) is created by combining vaporized LPG with compressed air.  Synthetic natural gas has virtually identical characteristics to natural gas and can be used to seamlessly supplement natural gas as needed.

When called for, peak shaving facilities blend SNG and then inject it directly into the natural gas distribution system to augment natural gas volumes received from LDC suppliers.  Peak shaving facilities are activated as needed to mitigate times of peak demand and avoid overrun penalty fees.

Peak shaving plant equipment requirements are virtually identical to stand-by plant equipment, but with the addition of a controller which is used to restrict natural gas consumption to a pre-set maximum amount.  Once the maximum (or peak) is reached, the system will automatically begin feeding SNG into the natural gas stream to augment NG volume and temper demand peaks.

Other equipment requirements include LPG truck unloading and storage facilities, LPG vaporizer, liquid pump for transferring LPG from tanks to vaporizer, an air compressor, and a synthetic natural gas mixer for combining compressed air with LPG.

TansTech Energy designs propane air peak shaving facilities for natural gas utilities and large industrial natural gas users.  We offer custom engineered and turnkey solutions for our clients who have the need to supplement and limit their primary natural gas supply consumption.  Systems are delivered fully tested and functional with all required piping, wiring and controls.

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