Propane Autogas

The Propane Autogas Advantage 

Proven- Autogas is the 3rd most widely used vehicle fuel in the world behind conventional gasoline and diesel.

Clean- A green, clean burning alternative fuel and substantially reduces vehicle carbon emissions without sacrificing performance.  Autogas is an approved alternative fuel listed in the Clean Air Act (1990) and the Energy Policy Act (1992).

Reliable- A readily available domestic fuel, over 90% AutoGas used in the U.S. is produced domestically, ensuring availability.

Economical- Historically autogas is much less expensive than conventional gasoline or diesel.

Ease of Refueling- Autogas vehicles take the same amount of time to refuel as a Regular Gasoline powered vehicle. Just screw the nozzle on and fill!

Autogas & The Environment 

Propane is not considered a greenhouse gas.

Propane vapor will not cause air pollution.

In the unlikely event of a Propane spill there would be no soil contamination, as Propane would harmlessly disperse into the air.

A propane tank is 20 times more puncture-resistant and can withstand up to 4 times the pressure when compared to a typical gasoline tank.

On average, Propane vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 19%; create 20% less nitrogen oxide; up to 60% less carbon monoxide; and fewer particulate emissions, compared to conventional gasoline.

TransTech Energy provides propane autogas vehicle conversion systems for any size fleet.  Whether you are looking for a bi-fuel solution for your gasoline engines or a supplemental propane diesel injection system, TransTech has a complete line up of solutions, including propane autogas fueling station equipment.