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TransTech adds additional Propane Autogas EPA certifications to Lineup

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Wed, Apr 25, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

TransTech Alternative Fuel Systems, a division of TransTech Energy, has announced EPA approval and certification for 3 new vehicles.  The new EPA certs are for the 2011 Ford 4.6L Flex Fuel Engine for the Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Crown Victoria Police, Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Marquis.

TransTech customizes and integates industry leading bi-fuel liquid autogas technology from Icom North America.  TransTech integrates propane autogas solutions for larger fleets who require OEM fit and functionality which will allow their vehicles to operate in a bi-fuel capacity- either liquid propane autogas or gasoline.   TransTech's system utilizes the factory fuel mapping and the factory ECM, thus is non-invasive, is simple to install and is a preferred solution for larger fleets requiring a standardized solution that can be diagnosed and maintained by their own maintenance personnel. 

Fleets of all sizes are converting their vehicles to propane autogas as the cost savings are simply to great to ignore and the performance is nearly equal to gasoline.  Currently propane autogas cost 40% less than regular unleaded.  Additionally propane autogas is domestically produced and is one of the cleanest alternative fuels available. 

For more information on TransTech and bi-fuel propane autogas conversions, contact TransTech at 888-206-4563, or visit their website at www.transtechenergy.com/autogas .


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