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Considerations for NGL/LPG Tank Buyers

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Mon, Jan 06, 2014 @ 12:07 PM

Used vs. New Storage Tanks

The remarkable increase in production of natural gas liquids (NGL) and related NGL purity products resulting from the ongoing U.S. shale boom has led to a surge in demand for related storage capacity, required both at the wellhead and at all points across the delivery chain.

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NGL Production Soars, Boosts NGL & LPG Truck & Rail Terminal Demand

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Tue, Dec 03, 2013 @ 09:51 AM

NGLs Increasingly the Target of Exploration

Long considered a by-product of natural gas drilling, natural gas liquids (NGLs) have become a driver of U.S. natural gas exploration and production growth.  NGLs, the hydrocarbons extracted when natural gas is processed, predominantly consist of ethane, propane (LPG), butanes and pentane—so called ‘purity products’ when separated—all of which are valuable inputs for numerous industrial activities, including petrochemical manufacturing, power generation and fuel blending.

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Tags: ngl truck terminal demand, lpg truck terminal demand, ngl rail terminal demand, lpg rail terminal demand, ngl production

MATS Intensifies Pace of Fuel Switching

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 @ 09:33 AM

Natural Gas a Compelling Choice for Reducing Emissions, Cutting Costs

On December 16, 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule, which establishes standards to regulate emissions from existing and new coal- and oil-fired power plants.

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Tags: mats regulations, mercury and air toxics standards, epa mats, mats rule

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG): Fuel Switching Up in U.S.

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Thu, Oct 31, 2013 @ 07:14 PM

Low-Cost Natural Gas Shifting U.S. Power Markets

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Tags: sng fuel switching, fuel switching, lpg fuel switching, propane fuel switching, butane fuel switching, bridge fuel

TransTech Energy partners with Bridge Industries

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Mon, Oct 28, 2013 @ 06:38 PM

Rocky Mount, NC  October 28, 2013

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Tags: TransTech Energy, Bridge Industries, LPG & NGL storage plant/terminal investment

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG): The Bridge to Natural Gas

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Wed, Oct 16, 2013 @ 07:49 AM

Shifting Caribbean Power Markets

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Tags: sng bridge to natural gas, caribbean fuel switching, sng fuel switching, sng fuel bridge, propane air bridge to natural gas, fuel switching, fuel bridging

NGL & LPG Storage Terminal Demand Powered By Shale Boom

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Thu, Sep 26, 2013 @ 07:03 AM

Shale Gas Development Surge

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Tags: lpg storage terminal, ngl storage terminal, lpg storage terminal demand, ngl storage terminal demand, lgp storage terminals, ngl storage terminals

Propane Autogas Tax Credit 2013- Fiscal Cliff deal included Alt Fuel incentives

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Wed, Jan 02, 2013 @ 04:02 PM

Propane  AutogasBenefits from "Fiscal Cliff" Deal

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Tags: Propane Autogas Tax Credit 2013, alternative fuel tax credit

LPG Bullet Tanks- A few things to consider before you buy.

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 @ 04:19 PM

Whether you are building a new bulk storage plant or adding storage for natural gas processing?  Upgrading your existing bulk plant storage capacity?  Purchasing a tank to modify for specific processing requirements?  Should you purchase a new or used LPG bullet tank? Here are a few things you should consider:

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Propane Air Standby System for Natural Gas Interruption

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Tue, Dec 06, 2011 @ 12:20 PM

With winter fast approaching, tis the season to take a closer look at your propane air standby system to make sure it starts up and is operational when needed.  All too often we receive last minute SOS calls from companies all over the country who are about to have their natural gas supply curtailed and are in need an immediate solution to their broken propane vaporizer, blending system or both.  With some simple routine maintenance and occasional upgrades of old systems that no longer function many of these panic calls could have been avoided.

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Tags: Propane air standby system, propane air system, propane air standby system rental, rent propane air standby system, propane air standby system leasing, natural gas interruption solutions

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