Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Processing, Storage, Transfer & Utilization Solutions



TransTech is an industry leader in Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility engineering, design, and technical consulting. Together with our subsidiary, ESI, has carried the flag in supporting developers with the technical skills and experience needed to execute these demanding projects for more than two decades.


As a single source provider, TransTech offers a full suite of technical services for RNG projects including process, mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering, fabrication, installation, and field services.

Together with ESI, TransTech's technical proficiency in gas separation of biofuels includes experience, integration, and understanding with a wide variety of technologies including: 

  • Membrane
  • PSA
  • TSA
  • Amine
  • Water wash
  • Biological scavengers
  • Bulk media removal
  • More


With nationwide access to over 450,000 ft² of fabrication facility space—and industry-leading custom vessel and equipment fabrication and packaging—our experienced engineering and fabrication teams can support all your balance-of-plant (BoP) fabrication needs including: 

  • Coalescing Filter / Separators
  • Moisture knock-out 
  • Compressed air systems
  • Fuel gas conditioning systems
  • Exhaust gas systems
  • Mol sieve dehy units
  • Gas monitoring & leak detection systems
  • Flare systems
  • Grid connection
  • PSA (pressure swing adsorption) columns 
  • Compression Equipment
  • Electrical systems
  • Fuel Gas Feeding
  • Heat exchangers / gas cooling equipment
  • Hot water & steam
  • Process piping
  • Pressure relief systems
  • Safety systems
  • Switchgear


As a true third party engineer, TransTech is technology agnostic but maintains relationships with most of the major RNG technology suppliers in the industry.

TransTech helps RNG investors develop biogas beneficial use projects including the development of resources such as:

  • Landfill gas
  • Animal waste
  • Agricultural waste
  • Recycled organics
  • Woody biomass
  • Food waste
  • Other anaerobic digester sources

We are committed to providing clients with the best RNG solution for each project’s unique needs.


Call us today to speak with one of our RNG /Renewable Natural Gas experts at 1-888-206-4563—or click to contact us below:

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