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TransTech has been a leader in emissions reduction long before ESG became an industry buzzword.

Our decarbonization projects span the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean and include:

Fuel Switching

Our fuel-switching projects have helped our clients reduce their carbon footprint while reaping significant financial rewards transitioning from coal, diesel, and heavy fuel oils to lower-cost, cleaner-burning LPG and SNG—both as base load fuels in remote locations and as bridge fuels to natural gas.

LPG Power Generation & CHP

Our rapid implementation of LPG Power Generation and industrial fuel conversion projects both in the U.S. and emerging markets have paid off considerably—particularly where short lead times are critical to our customers’ success.

Critical Industrial Fuel Supply

TransTech is a leading provider of Critical Fuel Supply Systems in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, utilizing cleaner burning fuels including SNG, LPG, LNG, CNG & RNG for both critical fuel base load and backup systems:


TransTech delivers NGL/LPG, Butane fuel storage and handling Infrastructure to support cleaner-burning fuels from wellhead to burner tip; from production through processing, terminaling, transportation, and utilization.  

Alternative Fuel Storage & Fueling Infrastructure & Engine Technology

TransTech supported early efforts to displace automotive fuels (gasoline & diesel) with liquid propane autogas, partnering with Icom North America to install and service Icom’s JTG propane liquid-injection fuel system on government and commercial fleet vehicles—reducing gasoline and diesel consumption and cutting emissions by up to 20%.. 

We have remained at the forefront of vehicle emissions reduction, delivering both small and large-scale turnkey and custom propane autogas fueling infrastructure solutions.

Gas Recovery & Storage Infrastructure

Since early days of the shale boom, TransTech has supplied flare gas recovery and NGL capture systems and related services to leaders in the industry, supporting reduced emissions—and unlocking new revenue streams.

Renewable Energy Fabrication Solutions

TransTech has delivered custom fabricated solutions for an array of renewable projects for years, accommodating the specific requirements of shell and tube heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels and equipment to meet the unique demands of each project.

We have regularly supplied solutions to the biofuels, butanol, ethanol, and SAF industries, delivering custom fabricated process vessels & reactors, distillation columns, vaporizers and condensers, scrubbers and other specialty tanks as well as packaged equipment and skids.

Our custom fabricated products are built to nationally recognized standards including ASME, API, TEMA, and UL and are available in standard grade and exotic metals including: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy and other Nickel Alloys.


TransTech is here to serve you and provide the highest quality low carbon solutions to meet your needs.  We welcome the opportunity to provide you a quote! 


Call us today to speak with one of our decarbonization and renewables infrastructure solutions specialists about your next project: 1-888-206-4563 —or click to contact us below:

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