LPG Storage for Peak Shaving System

Multi-Vessel LPG Bulk Storage Plant

  • Turnkey bulk LPG storage plant project
    for peak shaving system
  • LPG storage tanks
  • Concrete tank piers and prefabricated, interconnected piping
  • LPG truck unloading
  • Vaporization

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Multi Vessel LPG Bulk Plant for SNG System

Storage Upgrade for SNG System

  • LPG storage expansion for U.S. Air Force in Warner Robbins, GA
  • Turnkey LPG bulk plant project
  • (6) 60,000 gallon LPG storage vessels
  • Tank piers and bulkheads
  • Full tie-in/interconnected piping
  • Delivery & installation 

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LPG Import Terminal for Power Generation

28 MW Power Plant Expansion

  • Roatan Electric Company, Bay Islands, Honduras:
  • (12) 90,000 liquid propane storage tanks
  • (1) 200,000 gallon tank to fuel existing power plant
  • Ship & barge unloading
  • Completion time: 6 months.

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