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In many industries, a ‘standby’ or backup fuel system is critical for maintaining steady operations—both as a means to supplement an inconsistent fuel supply or in cases where there is risk of fuel supply interruption.  For those using natural gas fuel, synthetic natural gas (SNG), also called propane-air or liquefied petroleum gas air (LPG-air), is an ideal critical fuel backup solution for critical operations.

Synthetic natural gas is created by blending vaporized LPG with compressed air.  The resultant gas has virtually the same combustion characteristics as natural gas, and unlike oil—which requires its own burners, piping and controls—in most cases SNG can be burned with no change to existing equipment.

As such, synthetic natural gas standby systems deliver an economically desirable, reliable, environmentally friendly energy source that seamlessly replaces or supplements natural gas as needed.


Standby fuel systems also provide the opportunity for large gas users to reduce natural gas costs by as much as 30-40% or more, by utilizing 'interruptible service' gas savings rates.

Simply stated, during times of high demand or low supply, customers with interruptible rate contracts will allow their supply to be curtailed by their utility, during which time they will simply switch over to their LPG-fed standby system.

In exchange, natural gas utilities provide significant rate discounts to these customers – throughout the term of their contract.  

Discounted rates are generally provided whether or not service is interrupted, so the savings delivered by a standby system continues to 'pay back' regardless of how often it is put into use.


Industrial standby fuel systems typically consist of a vaporizer to convert liquid LPG to gas, an air compressor, and a propane air mixer to blend the vaporized LPG with compressed air.  LPG truck unloading equipment along with storage tanks for on-site LPG storage are also required as well as a pump for moving LPG from storage to vaporizer.

TansTech Energy designs propane-air critical fuel supply systems for government, utility, municipal, manufacturing and industrial applications.  We offer custom engineered and turnkey solutions for our clients who have the need to instantaneously and temporarily replace or limit their primary natural gas supply consumption.  Systems are delivered fully tested and functional with all required piping, wiring and controls.

Our synthetic natural gas stand-by systems provide a continuous fuel supply, allowing our customers to maintain fully functional operations while delivering flexibility, cost savings—and peace of mind, by reducing the risk of potentially catastrophic business consequences of fuel supply interruption.


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