Butane Transload Facility Construction

EPC Butane Transload Facility Construction

  • Repurposed (2) 30,000 gallon propane storage tanks.
  • Dismantled and decommissioned existing bulk plant for project requirements. 
  • Managed the project from design to commissioning.
  • Provided all NFPA 58 required signage for safety compliance.
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Fabrication of Cyclopentane Tower

Installation for Petrochemical Facility

  • Turnkey project completed in McGregor, Texas facility for Gulf Coast petrochemical manufacturer. 
  • Cyclopentane Tower specifications: 42" diameter x 852" length, SA516-70N material.
  • Designed with a design pressure of 160 PSI and ASME SEC. VII Div. 1 code compliance.
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Precision Tank engineering & Fabrication

Custom Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication

  • Designed, engineered, and fabricated [8] 5,000 gallon stainless steel finishing and mixing tanks. 
  • Fabrication of mixer supports, internal baffling, and sparger rings. 
  • Turnkey operations setup by sister company, MIG. 

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LNG Fuel Gas Mixing Vessel

Transforming LNG Export Facilities

  • Designed as per ASME Sect. VIII Division 2 guidelines.
  • Fabricated 621,000 gallon high pressure fuel gas mixing vertical vessel.
  • Vessel Dimensions: 192” Diameter x 69’ Seam-to-Seam, 81’4” Height
  • Lead time of 4 month and upon completion sent to Louisiana. 
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Organic Chemical Plant Reactor Fabrication

Hastelloy C-276 ASME Reactor Fabrication

  • Bendel, a subsidiary of TransTech, designed and fabricated a 6,000-Gallon Hastelloy C-276 ASME Reactor. 
  • Zone shell and bottom half pipe jacket design for maximum efficiency.
  • Bead blast finish for enhanced exterior durability.
  • Project caters to organic chemical processing plant requirements.
  • Learn more about our reactor fabrication solutions here.
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Underground System for Propane Transfer

Propane Transfer Solutions

  • Fabricated 18,000 Gallon ASME pressure vessel.
  • Completed engineering, design, construction, and installation of equipment.
  • Provided truck unloading stanchion, dual redundant regulatory, and emergency shutdown system.
  • Storage vessel fabrication and landscape architecture. 
    Learn more about our storage tank solutions here.
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BEM Heat Exchangers for Chemical Facility

Heat Exchanger Expertise

  •  Custom BEM Heat Exchangers designed and fabricated by TransTech's subsidiary, Bendel, in Charlotte, NC. 
  • ASME Section VIII Design compliant, using high-quality carbon steel materials. 
  • Exterior Finish: SSPC SP-6, Carboline Thermaline 450 painted.
  • Shellside design: 425 MAWP/FV at 230F/-20F.
Learn more about our heat exchanger solutions here.
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Back-up Fuel Vaporizer Replacement

Vaporizer Replacement Solutions for Military Base

  • Dismantled & decommissioned existing vaporizer system.
  • Coordinated freight, logistics & project management.
  • Construction & installation of equipment.
  • Resolved under time-sensitive deadlines.
  • Start-up, training & commissioning.

Learn more about our vaporizer solutions and access our vaporizer selection guide!

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Installation

Advanced Heat Exchanger Installation Services

  • Installed Stripped Water Cooler Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger in Texas.
  • Scope of work involved fabrication and installation in a Plastic Resin Chemical Processing facility.
  • Equipment used: 59-240 AEU Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger.
    Learn more about our heat exchanger solutions here.
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Specialized 3-Phase Separator Vessel

Expertly Fabricated and Advanced Installation of Vessel at Gas Plant

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