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Propane Autogas Tax Credits extended for 2011

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Mon, Dec 20, 2010 @ 02:07 PM

We are very optimistic that 2011 should be another year of growth of the Autogas Industry. Besides the significant advancements in Autogas Engine Systems and continued expansion of Autogas Fueling Infrastructure, the current tax credits will remain in place for 2011. 

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Tags: Propane Autogas Tax Credits, Propane Motor Fuel Tax Credits, Propane Vehicle Tax Credits, Alternative Fuel Tax Credits

TransTech delivers first Propane Autogas Hybrid Dodge Charger

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 06:39 PM

TransTech Energy brings another first to automotive propane. TransTech has added the Autogas Hybrid Dodge Charger to their lineup of bi-fuel liquid propane injection vehicle conversions. David Kennedy, Director of TransTech’s Alternative Fuels Division says, "We are extremely excited to be the first company in the country to convert the Charger into a propane alternative fuel vehicle. There is huge autogas hybrid demand within Law Enforcement Fleets, who have historically been proponents of propane powered vehicles. Now they can convert their Dodge Chargers with the most advanced automotive propane technology on the market."

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Tags: Police Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Bi-Fuel Dodge Charger, Police Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversions, Propane Autogas Hybrid Dodge Charger, Propane Powered Law Enforcement Vehicles, Alternative Fuel Propane Hybrid

TransTech launches first Propane Autogas Hybrid Ford Transit Connect

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Tue, Sep 21, 2010 @ 04:47 PM

TransTech Energy is excited to be the first company in the U.S. to convert the 2010 Truck of the Year, Ford Transit Connect, into an Autogas Hybrid. The TransTech Ford Transit Connect is a LPG Bi-fuel vehicle that runs on both gasoline and liquid autogas (automotive propane). As many vehicle fleets are looking to more fuel efficient vehicles, the Ford Transit Connect has been a very popular choice with it’s already fuel efficient 2.0L inline four cylinder engine .

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Tags: propane auotgas hybrid, Ford Transit Connect LPG, Bi-fuel Liquid Propane Conversions, Taxi Ford Transit Connect, LPG Ford Transit Connect, Alternative Fuel Ford Transit Connect

Liquid Propane Autogas Injection- FAQS Valve Recession

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Mon, Aug 02, 2010 @ 01:57 PM

A common issue that arises from using gaseous alternative fuels such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or AutoGas (LPG) in its Vapor form is intake valve recession. In this article we will look at what valve recession is, why this occurs and what measures can be taken to prevent valve recession.  TransTech Energy Alternative Fuel Systems policy is to educate consumers so that they can fully understand the newer advancements in Alternative Fuels so they can be on the cutting edge and benefit from the best technology without the possibility of harming their vehicle.

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Tags: Propane Autogas Conversions, Liquid Propane Autogas Injection, LPG Iiquid injection

Liquid Propane Autogas Injection- FAQS Liquid vs Vapor

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Tue, Jul 20, 2010 @ 11:51 AM

There are 2 ways to inject AutoGas when performing a Bi-fuel conversion on a gasoline engine: Vapor injection or Liquid injection. This article will hit some key points of the differences of these systems and how they operate and demonstrate the significant advantage liquid injection offers in Autogas Bi-fuel engine systems.

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Tags: Bi-Fuel Autogas Conversions, Auotgas, Liquid Autogas Injection, Vapor Autogas Injection, Icom Liquid Autogas Injection, Propane Autogas

TransTech Energy adds new Icom Bi-fuel Liquid Propane Injection Engine System

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Mon, May 24, 2010 @ 06:00 PM

TransTech Energy Alternative Fuel Systems continues to expand its propane alternative fuel solutions with the addition of the Icom JTG Propane Liquid Injection Engine System.  The JTG Propane Liquid Injection System is currently in service on more than 100,000 vehicles globally in the bi-fuel version. In the U.S., some 5,000 vehicles have been converted to propane use in the mono-fuel application of this technology offered as direct OEM applications.

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What is Synthetic Natural Gas?

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Thu, Nov 19, 2009 @ 05:17 PM

Propane-air, Synthetic Natural Gas, SNG, Propane Blending System, Standby System, Peak Shaving System are all common names in our industry for the application, process or end product that occurs when Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG or propane) is blended with air.  Let's call it for this article's sake Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG), because that is really what it is by definition.

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Tags: SNG, Synthetic Natural Gas System

Inspecting your LP-Gas Bulk Plant Internal Relief Valves

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Wed, Aug 19, 2009 @ 09:33 AM

With the July 2011 deadline approaching for compliance with NFPA 58, we think it makes a lot of sense to inspect all vital components of your bulk plant.  One of the most important safety components of your LP-gas storage vessel is the internal relief valve system.  LP-gas relief valves are intended to open only under the excessive pressure conditions indicated below.  The container pressure will get high enough to open relief valves under the following conditions:
  • Filling containers not purged of air
  • Overfilled container exposed to heat, which includes radiant heat (sun).
  • Use of an incorrect product such as propane in a container with relief valve set for butane pressures (Low set pressure for service)
  • All containers exposed to extreme heat (fire).
  • Excessive pressures created during filling

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Tags: LP-Gas Relief Valves, Internal Relief Valves, NFPA 58 LP-Gas Compliance, Propane Storage Tank Relief Valves

Sizing your propane bulk plant

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Tue, Aug 11, 2009 @ 02:34 PM

With the agriculture harvest and drying season approaching, we have recently received many calls from farmers looking to increase their propane storage capacity in order to help decrease their costs for gas, by being able to accept transport delivery. 

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Tags: Bulk Plant, Propane Storage, propane storage tank capacity, propane bulk plant

A Few Things to Consider When Buying a Propane Bulk Storage Tank

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Thu, Jun 25, 2009 @ 06:40 PM

Building a new bulk propane plant?  Upgrading your existing bulk plant storage capacity?  Installing a standby or peak shaving propane-air/SNG plant?  Should you be buying a new or used propane storage tank?  Below are few things you should consider when making the decision to purchase a bulk propane storage tank.

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Tags: TransTech Energy, propane storage tanks, bulk propane plant, propane storage tank, buy propane storage tank, SNG, bulk propane storage tank, used propane storage tank, peak shaving, propane-air

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