NEW 18,000 gallon NGL LPG Butane ASME Storage Tanks for Sale

New 18,000 Gallon NGL/LPG Pressure Vessels for Sale

Standard size 18,000 gallon NGL/LPG pressure vessels are in stock and available for immediate delivery to serve your bulk LPG & NGL storage plant & bulk LPG transfer terminal needs.  All our LPG/NGL storage tanks can be purchased individually or in multiples, and both aboveground and underground tanks are available to suit all your storage needs.

18,000 gallon NGL/LPG/Propane tank features include:

  • Standard operating pressure and temperature: 250 PSI @ 125° F
  • Standard materials SA612, SA516-70
  • Optional low profile welded steel saddles
  • Standard nozzle configurations
  • Valves and fittings available
  • Standard coating: Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646 epoxy primer
  • Standard trim, precast foundations and installation kits available
  • Coordination of freight and unloading logistics

View Our Current Inventory of 18,000 NGL & LPG Storage Tanks:

18,000 Gallon Tanks Quantity/Type Delivery Year
NEW (12) NEW 18,000 Gallon LPG/NGL Storage Tanks  Q3/Q4


Custom LPG Storage Tank Design & Fabrication Services are also available to meet your exact needs and specifications.  NGL/LPG bullets up to 120,000-gallon capacity readily designed, manufactured, delivered and installed.

Used NGL/LPG bullet and bulk propane storage tanks are also available.  View our current inventory of used NGL/LPG storage tanks here.

Please email us at or call us at 888-206-4563 to discuss your NGL/LPG storage needs.

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