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Is Your Bulk Plant Ready for 2011?

Posted by Greg Ezzell on Fri, Apr 03, 2009 @ 10:37 AM

The deadline for NFPA 58- 2011 Compliance is Fast Approaching.  July 1, 2011 will be here before you know it! 

TransTech Energy is involved in several national campaigns to bring national marketers and enterprise organizations into compliance prior to the 2011 deadline. TransTech Energy stresses the importance of educating larger businesses with multiple bulk plant locations about the impending 2011 deadline.  The following article seemed appropriate to discuss in our 2011 blog segment for April.   

Excerpt from NCPGA article by Richard Fredenburg:

"An analysis of our 2008 inspection data shows that there are 289 NC sites not yet in compliance. The total number of sites in the backfit category (those installed prior to July 1, 2001) was 1028.

That means that 28% of these sites still need to be brought into compliance. The break down by types-of-site is 127 for propane companies, 102 for industrial sites, and 60 for farms. The companies and farms are a little behind the industrial locations in getting this done.

I know some of these 289 sites were converted last year, so let's assume the number is down to 250. That means that about ten per month still need to be converted to meet the July 1, 2011, deadline. Some companies have the expertise to do their own plants, but many do not. Can we average ten per month? We might be able to. Keep in mind that, as the demand for material and crews increases across the country as the deadline nears, some crews may be drawn out of the state. Talking with a couple of crews that do this work shows that they are being asked to do the work outside of the heating season, an understandable request. But, that squeezes a lot of work into a short time.

If you have propane storage tanks that are not yet compliant, we recommend you make every effort to schedule material and a crew to make the changes. As we point out in the letter we give to personnel at each site not yet in compliance, we do not anticipate granting any extensions because there has been an implementation period of ten years."


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