Icom JTG Liquid Propane Injection Bi-Fuel System

TransTech Energy has partnered with Icom North America to offer the JTG Liquid Propane Injection System for vehicle fleets looking for the flexibilty of a bi-fuel alternative fuel option that allows them to maintain OEM horsepower and torque specifications. 

The patented Icom JTG Liquid Propane Injection System is innovative and has these distinct advantages:

•The automotive propane injectors inject liquid propane (not vapor) into the vehicles intake manifold.

•The ICOM JTG System does not use emulation or modified electronic fuel maps, which eliminates the need for aftermarket tuning.

•The OEM vehicle ECU commands and controls the propane system in every situation utilizing the original vehicle strategies as specified by the OEM manufacturer.

•The system includes an innovative LPG tank with integrated pump and valves manufactured specifically for the application vehicle.

The system is currently used on over 100,000 vehicles worldwide including over 5,000 OEM vehicles in the United States.



To speak with one of our Alternative Fuel specialist to learn how our Bi-Fuel engine systems can increase your fleets performance and reduce your fuel costs, while decreasing your carbon footprint, please contact TransTech Energy today at (888)206-4563.


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