Industrial Critical Fuel

Industrial Backup Fuel Supply Systems for Utility, Industrial & Commercial Applications



TransTech Energy is a leading provider of Critical Fuel Supply Systems in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, backed by over six decades of experience.

Engineered to ensure an uninterrupted fuel supply in the event of grid or utility failure, fuel supply curtailment, or any other disruption, our critical fuel supply systems deliver reliable fuel availability—and security—to mission critical facilities such as hospitals, government and public safety entities, municipal water and water treatment facilities, data centers and telecommunications; chemical, biotech and industrial manufactures and others.


We provide highly reliable, industry-leading solutions that ensure an uninterrupted flow of fuel for your operations from the point of fuel delivery at your site to powering your gas engines or turbines—and everything in between, including bulk storage tanks, transfer equipment, vaporization and blending technology, controls and piping.

Our complete end-to-end approach spans every stage of your critical fuel supply implementation from system sizing and design, engineering and construction, to commissioning and startup, operator training and maintenance.  Remote monitoring and control capabilities are also available.


For those using natural gas fuel, synthetic natural gas (SNG), also called propane-air or liquefied petroleum gas air (LPG-air), is an ideal critical fuel backup solution.

Blending vaporized LPG with compressed air creates synthetic natural gas. The resultant gas has virtually the same combustion characteristics as natural gas, and unlike oil—which requires its own burners, piping and controls—in most cases SNG can be burned with no change to existing equipment.  

SNG critical fuel supply systems deliver an economically desirable, environmentally friendly energy source that seamlessly replaces or supplements natural gas as needed.


While propane-air solutions are most common, high butane LPG feed stocks are also utilized as well as other fuels. TransTech has expertise in all of the following fuels:

  • LPG/Propane
  • Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)


Our critical fuel supply systems provide a continuous fuel supply, allowing our customers to maintain fully functional operations at all times while delivering flexibility, cost savings—and peace of mind—by reducing the risk of potentially catastrophic business consequences of fuel supply interruption.

TransTech is here to serve you and provide the highest quality turnkey or custom designed fuel supply system to meet your requirements. We welcome the opportunity to provide you a quote.


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