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At TransTech, we’ve long understood the urgent need to lower transportation carbon emissions.  An early supporter of the first efforts to displace automotive fuels (gasoline & diesel) with liquid propane autogas, today we're well-known for our turnkey and custom propane autogas fueling infrastructure solutions..

We continue our long-standing commitment to a low--carbon future with the introduction of our rDME-Propane blending, storage and fleet fueling infrastructure solutions.


Dimethyl ether (DME) is a synthetically produced ultra-low carbon molecule, effective for use as an alternative to diesel in compatible compression ignition diesel engines. DME is also commonly used in the chemical industry as a non-toxic aerosol propellant. As a blending agent for propane, DME is a game-changing decarbonizer.

With its desirable cleaner burning profile, Propane has already proven to be an important contributor to carbon reduction strategies, as a replacement for diesel and gasoline. When blended with DME, propane’s carbon intensity (CI) can be reduced to even lower levels.

Although dimethyl ether can be produced from fossil fuels, feedstocks extend to a variety of waste streams including agricultural waste, food waste, and other non-fossil fuel sources. DME from biogas, known as bioDME or rDME (renewable DME) can result in as much as a 68% reduction in greenhouse gases when compared to baseline diesel, according to the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Dimethyl ether requires about 75 psi to maintain its liquid form. Because of this, DME's handling requirements are very similar to those of propane, supporting cost-effective projects and ease of use.  


TransTech can deliver everything you need to store, transfer and blend propane and rDME.  Whether you're interested adding a blended rDME-Propane dispenser to your existing fuel island or building a new, standalone fueling station, our engineers can assist you with everything from design to permits to installation and construction.

Our turnkey skid dispenser systems include the rDME-propane storage tank and are pre-mounted and pre-plumbed in commonly requested sizes—with dispensers added prior to shipment so you receive everything you need, ready to serve your application.


Not sure what you need? Our Alternative Fuel Specialists will work with you to evaluate your fuel consumption requirements and storage capacity needs.

Utilizing our standard, skidded fueling systems, our seasoned teams will have your fleet ready for rDME-propane dispensing in no time—with minimal on-site installation time, and with no major on-site construction required.

For fuel consumption demands that exceed standard sized systems, we offer custom designed and built fueling station solutions to accommodate large fleet requirements of all sizes.


Call us at 1-888-206-4563 to speak with one of our Alternative Fuel Specialists to discuss your needs so that we can set you up with your perfect turn-key fueling station—or click to contact us below:

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