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LNG Storage, Transfer & Utilization Infrastructure for Power Generation



As the global shift towards decarbonization accelerates, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has become an increasingly important fuel for power generation—both as a cleaner burning alternative to diesel, coal and fuel oil in rural and other remote, off-grid locations; and as a complement—and bridge—to renewable solutions.

Leveraging our own design, engineering and turnkey project delivery capabilities as well as the skills and expertise of our industry-leading partners, TransTech delivers an array of world-class LNG power generation solutions that consistently reduce operating costs while significantly improving emissions.


Distributed Power Generation & Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

For decentralized, distributed combined heat and power (CHP) applications, clean-burning LNG is an obvious choice, offering an economical and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fuels.

Delivering both high efficiency and flexibility, TransTech’s distributed and CHP power generation solutions can accommodate a variety of needs including steam generation, hot or chilled water, district heating, as well as hybrid systems.

Back-up Power Generation

LNG is also gaining popularity as a supplemental or back-up fuel to compliment power generated from renewable energy sources and technologies—including solar and photovoltaics (PV) and wind power generation—which can be prone to interruption.

You can learn more about our back-up power generation solutions here.

Small Scale Infrastructure Solutions - ssLNG

Gaining new attention is small-scale LNG (ssLNG), which supports the use of LNG in its liquid form—without the need for regasification.  Suitable for smaller scale, off-grid industrial and residential users, ssLNG is best suited for those with use requirements at annual volumes less than .5 million tons.

Because LNG burns more cleanly, ssLNG power generation solutions offer forward-thinking business developers the ability to both meet intensifying lower-carbon energy requirements while simultaneously building more profitable business models—and gaining faster returns than are possible with large scale LNG infrastructure projects.


For most power applications (other than ssLNG), LNG must be vaporized before it can be fed into reciprocating engines or aeroderivative gas turbines.

LNG gasification systems must maintain set flow rate, pressure and temperature in order to meet specifications required by power generation engines and turbines.

TransTech delivers a wide variety of best-in-class LNG vaporizers including:

  • Ambient air vaporizers (AAV)
  • Intermediate fluid vaporizers (IVF)
  • Submerged combustion vaporizers (SCV) based on fuel heating
  • Open rack vaporizers (ORV) which utilize a seawater heating process


TransTech delivers LNG vaporization/gasification systems for all your LNG power generation needs, backed by decades of experience serving energy markets.

We also supply end-to-end LNG storage and transfer solutions to support your unique LNG-fueled power generation needs. Our turnkey and custom bulk LNG storage and terminal design and construction services, and fast-ship skid-mounted transfer solutions ensure safe, efficient LNG storage and transfer for your site.


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