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In addition to providing emergency back-up fuel during power outages, an LNG back-up fuel system can also be used to supplement insufficient or unreliable natural gas pipeline capacity, offset seasonal variations in supply, and shoulder any other planned—or unexpected—additional load requirements.

Installing a back-up fuel supply system is an excellent way to not only reduce risk, but also avoid the severe financial costs that can be associated with supply curtailment. For those using natural gas fuel, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an ideal backup fuel solution.


  • Re-gasified LNG is interchangeable with pipeline natural gas making it an equivalent fuel for existing equipment—no turbine upgrade required
  • Startup of an LNG system provides immediate, useable fuel at the point of use
  • Liquid LNG is typically delivered by local contractors and can be conveniently stored on site until needed.
  • Fuel storage & delivery system costs are generally comparable, regardless of fuel type.


Standby fuel systems provide the opportunity for large gas users to reduce natural gas costs by as much as 30-40% or more, by utilizing 'interruptible service' gas savings rates.

During times of high demand or low supply, customers with interruptible rate contracts will allow their fuel supply to be curtailed by their utility, during which time they switch over to their LNG-fed standby system.

In exchange, natural gas utilities provide significant rate discounts to these customers – throughout the term of their contract.

Discounted rates are generally provided whether or not service is interrupted, so the savings delivered from a standby system continues to 'pay back' regardless of how often it is put into use.


  • Existing generators maintain the same operating efficiency as when utilizing pipeline natural gas
  • No updates required to existing air permitting
  • Take advantage of financial incentives for maintaining fuel supply
  • Greater efficiency by utilizing the same fuel delivery system to point of use
  • Continue to benefit from lower emissions of CO2, NO2 and SO2 by utilizing LNG vs. diesel or other heavy fuel oil


A typical standby LNG fuel system incorporates LNG storage tanks and vaporizer(s) as well as pressure regulation and control systems devised to provide natural gas fuel identical to the natural gas received from a pipeline.

Standby system equipment can be delivered as a single unit or as modular components that can be readily connected and installed on site.

TansTech designs LNG stand-by systems for utility, government, municipal, manufacturing and industrial applications. We deliver custom engineered and turnkey solutions for our customers who desire the ability to instantaneously and temporarily limit or entirely replace their primary natural gas supply consumption. Systems are delivered fully tested and functional with all required piping, wiring and controls.

Our LNG stand-by systems provide a continuous fuel supply, allowing our customers to maintain fully functional operations while delivering flexibility, cost savings—and peace of mind, by reducing the risk of potentially catastrophic business consequences of fuel supply interruption.


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