Well Test Separators - Fabrication


TransTech designs and fabricates top quality 2-, 3- and 4-phase test separators for effectively separating well fluids into oil and gas (two-phase separation),  gas, oil, water (three-phase test separator) or gas, oil, water and sand (four-phase test separator) for both land and offshore applications.

Backed by over six decades of experience serving oil and gas markets and formidable well testing expertise, our precision engineered and fabricated test separators provide efficient, accurate results for all applications, including exploration and appraisal, well testing, development well testing (and cleanup) as well as flowback testing for new completions and throughout production.

Collecting accurate data (flow rates, reservoir pressure, gas/oil ratio, permeability, heterogeneities, discontinuities, connectivity and other measurements) is critical to determining the size and boundaries, structure and characteristics, and ultimately assessing the overall production potential—and ongoing performance—of your reservoir.


With the right data, you’ll be equipped to make the most effective choices regarding well completion design and drilling, equipment sizing and production facility planning, as well as other important decisions to optimize the performance of your well—and maximize your ROI.

Test separator operating parameters vary in accordance with fluid type and flow rates.  Determining the correct pressure, fluid levels and retention time within the vessel in addition to regulating temperature (controlled upstream from the separator) are all critical factors in achieving optimal separation.

We offer custom test separators in both horizontal and vertical orientation, constructed to your exact specifications, tailored to your unique reservoir conditions.  Let our experienced team of fabrication experts provide end-to-end delivery of your test separator including engineering, design, fabrication and test, delivery and installation—within the shortest possible lead times—for seamless project execution and fast start-up.


  • Exploration & appraisal
  • Development well testing
  • Well cleanups
  • Early production
  • Ongoing measurement
  • Onshore & offshore applications


  • Custom vessel sizes to accommodate all flow rates
  • 1440 psi working pressure (ANSI 600) and higher
  • Deflector plate
  • Vortex breaker
  • Calming baffles
  • Adjustable weir plate
  • Coalescing plates
  • Foam breaker
  • Mist extractor
  • Pneumatic control valves
  • Gas metering
  • Oil flow-measuring system with dual meters
  • Water flow measuring system
  • Sparge line for sand/solid agitation and removal
  • Outflow manifold with isolation valves
  • Check valve fitted to vessel inlet nozzle
  • Pressure, temperature, and sampling ports for sampling in all phases
  • Oil & gas flow computers
  • Harsh weather/environmental housings
  • Relief valves
  • Manway
  • Trailer or skid mounted, lifting cage
  • Fully compliant with API Spec. 12J, ASME VIII, Div. 1 or 2, and NACE MR 0175
  • DNV 2.7.3 certified in the case of offshore operation

All finished test separators are tested and ASME certified, National Board code stamped and registered.

The all-weather, rugged construction of our test separators provides outstanding performance across a wide range of conditions.  Optional environmental housing is also available when called for.  All test separators can be skid or trailer-mounted, and can be equipped with all related piping and controls, ready to be integrated into your operation.


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