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TransTech Energy is an industry leader lpg & ngl storage and process vessel solutions, backed by over 50 years of experience serving energy markets.

We deliver top-quality surge tanks for storage of liquid hydrocarbons after separation or to provide an additional stage of separation and metering. 

Our pressurized surge tanks are also effective for use as gauge tanks to measure liquid flow rates.

Designed to effectively absorb sudden increases in inlet flow and compensate for sudden pressure drops, our surge tanks can be customized to suit a wide range of applications and offer operational flexibility including bypassing and/or co-mingling of gas, oil or water.

All surge tanks can be equipped with pressure relief valves and level alarms to prevent overfilling.

Our experienced team of engineering and fabrication professionals will deliver your process vessel to your exact specifications, within the shortest possible lead time and at the best possible price.

Available Features & Benefits:

  • Measurement of liquid flow rates, shrinkage and meter factors
  • Can be used as second stage separator
  • Available in a wide array of configurations, sizes, and pressure ratings to meet your specific needs
  • Large in-stock inventory yields short lead times and fast delivery
  • Fully ASME compliant to ensure top performance and safety – code stamped and National Board registered
  • Back pressure controller
  • Diverter and vortex breaker
  • Magnetic level indicators or calibrated sight glasses
  • High and low level alarms
  • Pressure, temperature and sampling ports
  • Safety relief valve
  • Bypass manifold
  • Heating coils available
  • Access man-ways

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