Shuttle & Cut-Away Vans - Autogas Alternative Fuel Conversions

Shuttle and Cutaway Vans adescribe the imagere some of the most utilized vehicles in transportation fleets. These medium duty fleet vehicles are responsible for getting people where they need to be and in a timely manner, so reliability is mission critical. They typically travel great distances, but also spend great amounts of time at idle and are the largest consumers of fuel in the transportation fleet. Shuttle vans must maximize their fuel efficiency while optimizing their power and torque to be able to meet the demands of the passenger weight and cargo they carry. Extending engine life and vehicle duty cycle is a key concern of most high mileage shuttle and transportation fleets.

TransTech understands these requirements and sets the industry standard for Alternative Fuel Solutions for Shuttle and Cutaway Van Fleets. TransTech offers EPA Certified and EPA Verified Autogas hybrid solutions to help you meet your company’s alternative fuel needs.  Our proven bi-fuel conversion system is the most viable Alternative Fuel solution for this extreme duty environment.  We can convert your existing fleet vehicles immediately to a cleaner and lower cost fuel providing the following benefits:

  • Autogas averages 105 Octane, this directly translates into power and performance that matches or even exceeds gasoline in most applications.
  • Autogas Hybrid Technology doubles your vehicle range, as you literally have nearly double the fuel capacity if needed
  • Propane Auotgas’ low carbon content provides for a cleaner running engine at idle, reducing carbon build-up at idle and extending engine life.
  • Propane Autogas can reduce you fleets fuel cost by 30% or more.
  • Propane Autogas tanks allow for the most cargo space of any other alternative fuel option

Let us show you how AutoGas can have a dramatic impact on your agency’s bottom line by cutting your fleet’s fuel costs, while reducing your carbon footprint and our nation’s dependency on foreign oil. Contact TransTech today to speak with a Propane AutoGas fleet expert to learn more about our Shuttle and Transportation Fleet programs.