Sand Separators / Desanders Fabrication


TransTech offers custom fabricated sand removal systems to address sand and sediment content within produced oil and gas streams.  Our sand separators/desanders improve overall separation performance, protect valuable downstream equipment from blockages and erosion, and maintain production throughput—to help you avoid costly production shutdowns.

While desanders are most frequently required for new wells and wells that are reaching maturity, undesirable sand and sediments can occur throughout production for a variety of reasons including increased water production, an increase in the gas-oil ratio (from gas injection for example), low pressure production and as a result of well clean up.

Our expertly engineered sand separators efficiently facilitate separation and removal of sand and other sediments from your hydrocarbon production stream—with solutions to address your specific challenges,  


Consistently meeting the most rigorous standards of industry, our sand separation solutions can be configured to address a wide range of applications. Sand separator vessels are available in both slant-mount and space-saving vertical-mount configurations that can be integrated into the most complex piping schemes.

Our heavy-duty, all-weather pressure vessels are built for robust operation in rugged operating environments and are designed for continuous and high-volume sand and sediment removal.  Sand separators offer virtually no liquid loss, are able to maintain steady system pressure and contain no moving parts—offering years of reliable performance.


  • Sand removal from the well-stream, including well startup and cleanup operations
  • Shale gas completions
  • Sand removal for separators
  • Sand removal for pump protection
  • Bulk, large particle separation (>100 microns)
  • Desanding of single or multiphase streams
  • Small particle separation from water streams (<50 microns)
  • Sand removal from sand slurry streams (< 10 microns)
  • Sand cleaning systems



  • All vessels are fabricated and NDE per the latest addition of ASME SEC. VIII, Div. 1 of Pressure Vessel Code
  • Wide range of vessel size options to accommodate different flow
  • Standard designs or custom configured to your exact specifications
  • Top quality manufacturing for long operational life
  • ANSI flanged inlet and outlet connections; DIN and other options available
  • Rugged, carbon steel construction
  • Deflector plate
  • Coalescing plates
  • Foam and vortex breaker
  • Weir plate
  • Mist extractor
  • High performance gas metering with orifice diameters or mass flow meter
  • Single-phase flow metering on oil and water outlets
  • Powder coated exterior; other coatings available
  • Flushing water inlet
  • Solids & water discharge
  • Pneumatic control vales on gas and oil outlets
  • Sampling points
  • Overpressure relief valves

All finished sand separator vessels are tested and ASME certified, National Board code stamped and registered.  We offer bare vessel delivery, L-shaped skid mounted and or trailer mounted sand separator configurations.

With one of the most extensive inventories of new and used ASME pressure vessels in the country we’re able to offer a wide array of options for addressing your sand separator vessel needs—and tremendous flexibility in addressing your project schedule and budget requirements.


Contact our pressure vessel fabrication experts today to discuss your sand separator needs  at:: 1-254-840-3355 —or click to contact us below:

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