Propane Diesel Injection Systems

TransTech Energy is partnering with Icom North America to add their patent pending JTG-D Liquid Propane Injection Diesel technology to its lineup of Autogas Bi-fuel and Dual Fuel Conversion Solutions.  The Icom system will be the first EPA verified propane diesel injection system available in the U.S. market and will allow for up to 50% displacement of diesel fuel. 

The EPA recently announced several rule changes that require technology verification of all alternative fuel conversion technologies, which include diesel engines.  If the manufacturer does not have an EPA certified technology, it is unable to file for the verified technology status for intermediate age vehicles (2 years older than current model years).

The Icom propane diesel injection technology will revolutionize alternative fuel conversions for diesel engines and provide the following benefits: 

  • Better Mileage
  • More Power
  • Fewer Oil Changes
  • Cleaner Emissions
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Significant Reduction of Fuel Costs
  • Reduction of Dependency on Foreign Oil 


To speak with one of our Alternative Fuel specialist to learn how our Propane Diesel Injection systems can increase your fleet's performance, reduce your costs for diesel and oil, while decreasing your carbon footprint; please contact TransTech Energy today at (888)206-4563.