Lisa Carpenter

Director, ASME Vessel Sales & Acquisitions






Lisa oversees the ASME vessel sales and procurement team, responsible for managing new and used storage vessel and equipment inventories. Lisa’s team works closely with TransTech Fabrication and strategic fabrication partners to ensure the company maintains industry leading inventory levels of storage vessels to support external market demand as well as the demand from TransTech’s own construction projects.

Lisa is also responsible for managing the logistics functions of the company and operational resources responsible for the safe dismantling and removal of retired liquids storage tanks, bulk plants, terminals and other used assets.

Since joining TransTech in 2009, Lisa has been instrumental in building strategic relationships, and identifying and negotiating new sales opportunities that have propelled the company’s tank sales and related dependent business areas.

Prior to her current role Lisa held positions of Lead Project Designer and Logistics Manager. Lisa has a degree in Computer Systems


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