Dedicated Propane Autogas Vehicles

A dedicated Autogas Engine System is the most environmentally friendly way to convert your vehicle or fleet to run on propane. Dedicated Propane conversions are full reworks of the fueling system on a vehicle. The entire gasoline fuel injection system, fuel lines and tank are removed and replaced with its propane equivalent.  There are currently OEM vehicle solutions available from several models of light and medium duty GM and Ford trucks and vans.

After the conversion most vehicles have about the same range as they did when they operated on gasoline. Only now they have the benefit of burning clean, inexpensive propane - reducing harmful emissions and letting you benefit from:

  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Fewer Oil Changes
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Reduced Maintenance Expense
  • Improved Environment

Vehicles and fleets that are returning to home base daily or are only traveling short distances away from home base are perfect candidates for propane Mono-fuel conversions.  Applications include:

  • School bus
  • Airport transportation
  • Maintenance and utility vehicles
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Beverage distribution vehicles
  • Propane delivery vehicles

TransTech Energy offers dedicated propane engine conversion options for many fleet vehicles.  Our experts can help you evaluate your needs and determine whether a dedicated or bi-fuel conversion is the right choice for your fleet.  In many cases the components are exactly the same, it just depends on which system is best for your specific application.


To speak with one of our Alternative Fuel specialist to learn how our Dedicated Propane Engine Systems can increase your fleets performance and reduce your fueling costs, while decreasing your carbon footprint, please contact TransTech Energy today at (888)206-4563.