TransTech Energy brings years of experience in Fuel Gas Piping Design, Engineering and Operation for Natural and Propane Gas Fuel Systems. We also offer a host of services for purging natural gas and propane gas fuel systems and safely starting up equipment to ensure everything is in compliance with all NFPA safety and national operational standards.

Additionally we provide comprehensive safety reviews of piping that has been installed, the development of site-specific purging plans, and on-site support for coordinating purging and gas re-introduction projects.

TransTech Energy engineers are licensed professionals with a proven track record of gas piping design and layout and work closely with our clients to ensure:

  • Proper fuel gas pipe sizing
  • Installation and piping placement
  • Pressure control & regulation
  • Valve location and purge points
  • Pressure testing
  • Gas reintroduction & startup

Contact us today to learn more about our fuel gas piping design and engineering services at: (252) 446-4357 or send us an email to